jeudi 12 août 2010

Tant qu’à promettre des affaires.

Bon, il est difforme et j’ai manifestement toujours pas appris comment dessiner des guitares, mais j’ai gribouillé Nathaniel hier parce que j’suis encore sur un high de nostalgie. J’ai pas pu résister de lui inventer un tatouage, de substituer ses anneaux dans les oreilles pour des stretchs et de lui mettre un joint dans la bouche… son taux de virilité a sûrement augmenté de 200%. Pas que les joints soient nécessairement virils, okay, les enfants? Okay, he’s totally disproportioned and I apparently still don’t know how to draw guitars, but I doodled Nathaniel yesterday because I was still high on nostalgia. I couldn’t resist adding a tattoo, switching his earrings to stretches and putting a joint in his mouth… his percentage of manliness probably went up 200%. Not that smoking joints is necessarily manly, okay, kids?


2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

He was one of my favourite characters, along with Samiko. I adore his tattoo and stretched ears; definitely a lot more manly now!

I love your sketches, they're always beautiful - even if they're just sketches! Would love to see this coloured, he has awesome hair colour!

Boum a dit...

Hey thanks! I don't think I'll colour this as I'm not too fond of it, but I want to try myself at him again so I might post some more Nathaniel soon :)